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Welcome to HCE

HCE HCE (Healthcare in ECS) is an interest group that brings together researchers in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, UK. HCE operates as part of the healthcare research theme of the Pervasive Systems Centre (PSC), which spans the various ECS research groups. HCE addresses the 'healthcare' research theme by bringing together researchers with a common interest.

This website contains information on the researchers that make up HCE, the research into healthcare that is being undertaken in ECS, details of recent news and upcoming events, and contact details for obtaining further information.

HCE Healthcare is receiving interest in many of the ECS research groups. HCE brings together researchers in this field to increase communication, disseminate knowledge, generate new ideas and research directions, and collate research into a coherent and aligned package. HCE also increases communication with our undergraduates, helping to disseminate the results of related student projects. The HCE interest group holds seminars, and facilitates interaction between members to enable better communication via events including research seminars and tutorials.

News and Upcoming Events

Royal Society Industry Fellowship to advance new treatments for nervous system disorders

Dr Themis Prodromakis awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship to progress development of bioelectronics

‘CharIoT’ on course to deliver healthier homes and lower energy bills

Successful trials of Chariot, a unique new system that simultaneously records temperature, humidity and energy use in the home, have opened the w...

Student success at international healthcare technologies conference

A final year PhD student has received second best paper at the international IEEE-NIH Conference on Healthcare Innovations an...

Free online course enabling improved digital accessibility

ECS academics are lead educators on free online course helping learners understand how accessible digital technologies can ov...
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